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The Advantages of a Locally-Owned Shredding Company

More consumers are using their purchasing power to support locally-owned businesses. Numerous studies show buying from an independent, locally-owned business strengthens the economic base of the whole community. In this blog, we highlight the advantages of choosing a locally-owned shredding company.

Strengthening Community Bonds

You want your community to thrive. A locally-owned shredding company helps your community thrive by protecting residents and businesses from identity theft. Not only that, but its owners and employees work, shop, and live in your neighborhood. You may even see them at your local grocery store, post office, or coffee shop. Many local businesses also support local nonprofits, children’s sports teams, and other community organizations. You’re partnering with a shredding service provider actively involved in and committed to your community.


When it comes to meeting retention requirements and final disposition schedules, time is of the essence, since otherwise your business faces strict fines or legal action. You can’t afford to be put on hold while waiting to schedule a shredding project. A locally-owned shredding company provides prompt, responsive destruction of your documents. As a soon as your account is set up, you should have a single point of contact you can count on.


Every business has unique document destruction requirements, and your shredding needs can change from week to week. As a result, you need a shredding service that can scale to your current and future needs. A locally-owned shredding company is the solution. You’re offered flexible daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand shredding solutions tailored to your business.


You shouldn’t hand your confidential documents over to someone you can’t trust. A locally-owned shredding company allows you to shred your documents with peace of mind. After all, their local reputation is their most valuable asset. If information is compromised while in their possession, it could send a ripple effect of negative consequences throughout your community.

By choosing a locally-owned shredding company, you know they are directly invested in handling your information within a strict chain of custody, and with the utmost confidentiality.

Personalized Customer Care

Unlike a national or global shredding company who views its customers as numbers, a locally-owned shredding company cares for its clients. They make a personal commitment to getting to know your business and giving it the attention it deserves. It’s not just about shredding documents; it’s about protecting local people from identity theft and fraud.

These are just some of the reasons to choose a locally-owned shredding company.

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