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How Shredding and Scanning Can Green Your Business

Business isn’t just about profit. It’s also means contributing to the betterment of your community. With environmentally sound corporate practices, you’re helping to ensure a promising future for your city and region.

You may have already implemented “green” policies and incentives within your business such as container recycling and employee ride sharing. However, like most companies, you may also still push a considerable amount of paper. Reducing your dependence on hardcopy records is one of the single most effective measures you can take towards greening your business. By securely disposing of no longer needed records and converting active documents into electronic files, your company can strengthen its environmental stewardship.

The key is knowing where to begin. Most likely, you have records of all types comingled within your office, each requiring different retention periods. You may even have documents scattered within a self-storage unit separate from your facility. Many of these files may have been sitting untouched for several years. Though they’ve outlived their usefulness, it’s possible that they contain confidential data. Aside from presenting a data security risk, the unnecessary storage of these documents is costing you money.

Environmentally Friendly Shredding and Destruction

A professional shredding and destruction service can provide you with an environmentally friendly solution for securely disposing of records that are no longer useful to your organization. Depending on how these records are currently stored and your unique business requirements, the following services can be implemented:

  • one time file purge
  • on-site mobile shredding
  • drop off shredding
  • media and hard drive destruction

It’s important to make sure that your shredding solution provider offers 100% recycling of all shredded material. Once you’ve completed your initial thinning out of records, you’ll want to set up a scheduled shredding service to account for ongoing shredding needs. A service with shred collection containers provides the most secure method for the daily disposal of confidential information. Your shredding partner manages the collection, destruction and recycling of shredded material reducing your overhead and administrative costs.

A Greener Method for Storing and Managing Data

Digital technology has significantly reduced our reliance on paper. Electronic documents can be stored, shared and collaborated with. After you shred the paper documents you no longer need, it makes sense to scan and convert your active business document to an electronic format. Document scanning offers numerous benefits. In addition to eliminating costly storage and retrieval costs it also contributes to a healthier environment through:

  • the elimination of paper
  • minimization of printing related activities
  • the reduction of corporate space

Electronic documents can also be easily located and searched for to support workflow processes and disaster recovery capabilities.

Undoubtedly, you want a shredding and scanning solution provider who shares your commitment to a healthier planet. Records Management Center provides environmentally sound Records and Information Management services to businesses throughout Augusta, Evans, Thomson, and Martinez, GA and Aiken, SC and the Central Savannah River Area.

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