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Scanning to Meet Your Budget, Information Access and Document Management Needs

A document scanning solution helps reduce your business’ dependency on labor intensive and expensive paper processes. In a perfect world, getting rid of all your paper documents would be ideal. But scanning an entire inventory of records isn’t practical or economical for most organizations.

Scanning just a fraction of your documents can make a difference though, and can still streamline your administrative and overhead costs. The key is determining which records, when scanned, will meet your budget, document management and information access needs.

Imaging and Storage Costs

There are multiple steps in an imaging project:

  • Document preparation
  • File indexing
  • Conversion
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Quality control

Additional steps may also be required, including data coding, photocopying, post-scanning file re-assembly and destruction. All of these steps determine the price per image in your document scanning project.

A standard records carton holds approximately half of a file cabinet drawer of documents. And since a carton can typically be stored for less than fifty cents per month, storing it in a commercial records center is significantly less expensive than scanning the contents of the entire box.

So determining which records to scan comes down to your file activity level. Files that are essential to your daily business processes benefit from being in a digital format. Inactive and archival files, on the other hand, are cheaper to store offsite. They can be imaged upon request with a Scan on Demand service. Having a good understanding of your file activity level will help you adjust your scanning costs to fit your budget.

File Access and Electronic Document Management

Searching through a carton of documents to find the file you need hinders your productivity. When converted to digital images, documents are located in a fraction of the time it takes to search through a box. Instead, a simple click of a mouse provides you with the information you need. But accessibility to your digital content can also be stalled without the right management system.

Electronic document management is one of the most important aspects of an overall document management system, especially if you have several people or locations viewing information. Maintaining your records in a web-based off-site repository provides your staff with secure, timely access to business records. Plus, retention schedules can also be established, monitored and followed for improved compliance with federal, state and local laws.

An online image hosting solution ensures digital records are managed and accessible at all times. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Secure storage and retrieval
  • Concurrent records access
  • Audited document tracking

The right scanning and conversion service tailors an imaging solution to your budget, information access and document management requirements.

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