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Records Management Tips for 2022

“We’ve always done it that way,” can be one of the most harmful philosophies for any organization. It squelches the opportunity for innovation and growth, and sticking to that philosophy could be a catalyst for disaster.

Any time is a great time to make a proactive change, but if you need an incentive to implement an evaluation for the betterment of your business, the beginning of a new year is as good a time as any. Here are a few tips for making 2022 a better year for your records management systems.

Use Consistent File Naming Conventions

2022 might be the time to review your folder and file names. Name your physical and electronic files and folders in a consistent, logical, and predictable way so information can be located, identified, and retrieved quickly and easily. Records management companies use file indexing to help keep files organized and easy to find.

Stop Saving Unnecessary or Expired Documents

2022 could be the beginning of being better organized. You might be the type of person who saves everything that lands on your desk because it might be important today or some future day. Rather than saving everything, the best solution is to review each document that arrives and make an immediate decision to direct it to someone else, file it, or discard it. Doing this will decrease clutter, make it easier to find documents, and keep your desk clear. Do the same thing with emails to reduce Inbox clutter or reach that pinnacle of organization, “Inbox Zero”!

Avoid Overfilling File Folders

2022 would be a good starting point to start breaking down large files into subfolders. If you find some of your folders are overfull, create subfolders that can be categorized by date, alphabetically, or numerically. This will keep your files from bursting at the seams, make it easier and faster to find documents, and protect those documents from wrinkling, tearing and warping in an overstuffed folder.

Digitize Paper Documents

2022 is a great time to move towards turning your documents into digital copies. Digital copies are a backup of physical copies and are easier and faster to share with multiple colleagues. Using digital document gives you the freedom to move your physical documents off-site, freeing up valuable and expensive office space. Keep in mind that not all digital documents can act as official documents, such as some licenses, certificates, and legal contracts. Work with a records management company to determine what to scan and what to store.

Get Professions Help With Records Management

2022 could be the year you would benefit from the experience and benefits of a reputable records management company that offers off-site records storage, file indexing, document imaging, and Scan On Demand. The right records management company will help you improve in each of the areas mentioned above, which will ultimately help you and your staff do what they do without document-related distractions.

Since 1985, Records Management Center has provided records management services to the businesses of Augusta, Evans, Thomson, and Martinez, GA, Aiken, SC, and the Central Savannah River Area. Let us help you improve your records management in 2022. Just call us at 706-724-7982 or complete the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!