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Records Center Storage vs. Self Storage

Running out of office space? Wondering where to store your business files? In this blog, we show how records center storage is superior to self-storage when it comes to your documents.

Privacy Protection

Your client contracts, bank statements, tax records and employee files contain sensitive data, and you must protect them. Self-storage facilities do not offer the same level of security as a records center. A padlock is the only thing protecting your records from the outside world. Your unit may share a wall with another unit, increasing theft risks. A records center offers a multi-layered security solution. State-of-the-art alarm systems and motion sensors protect your documents from unauthorized access. Only security-screened personnel with card key access can enter the records center.

Disaster Recovery

Document theft should not be your only concern. Fires, floods, and natural disasters happen unexpectedly, posing a constant threat to your business information. Self-storage facilities, built hastily with cheap materials, offer limited protection from disaster-related risks. A records center is made of concrete, brick, and steel. Advanced fire protection, flood prevention, and climate control systems make sure every record is protected and preserved during its storage period.


When you store your documents at a self-storage unit, the burden of managing and retrieving your information falls squarely on your shoulders. At a records center, your documents are professionally managed, retrieved, and delivered for you. You never have to leave your desk for a record. Your records storage provider barcodes your boxes and tracks them in a sophisticated inventory management database. A secure web portal allows you to search for, access, and request files around the clock. You can have them hand-delivered or sent electronically to your device with a Scan on Demand solution.


Although self-storage units cost as little as $100 a month, records center storage is more cost effective. A records center optimizes document storage capacity with tall ceilings and high-density shelving systems that enable you to store your documents at a lower cost per square foot. Self-storage facilities charge a full monthly rate, even if your unit is half full. At a records center, you only pay for the boxes you store.

If you have a few pieces of furniture to store, a self-storage unit may be your best bet, but when storing sensitive documents and files choose a records center.

Records Management Center provides businesses throughout Augusta, Evans, Thomson, Martinez, GA, Aiken, SC, and the Central Savannah River Area with records storage and management solutions.