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How Paper Shredding Protects Your Business Information

Your company is most likely responsible for a number of documents containing sensitive business and confidential customer information. And because the proper disposal of these documents safeguards the privacy of your employees and clients and protects your company’s reputation and exposure, it’s important to have a reliable and secure paper shredding solution in place.

Paper Shredding Facilitates Timely Document Disposal

Documents should be shredded as soon as they reach the end of their lifespan. Unfortunately, in many busy offices the destruction process is put off until later or neglected altogether. Your office shredding equipment may be to blame.

Office shredders are notoriously unreliable and time consuming to use. As a result, your employees may avoid using them. The result is a pile up of expired documents containing sensitive information.

A professional paper shredding service facilitates timely disposal of documents. Security containers are placed in your office enabling confidential documents to be disposed of in matter of seconds. On a scheduled basis your documents are collected and destroyed either on-site at your facility or off-site at a secure shredding plant.

Paper Shredding Guarantees Secure Destruction

It is very difficult to guarantee the security of your confidential information with an office shredder. Paper shredders shred documents into strips of paper that are relatively easy to reconstruct. The in-house process of disposing of shredded material is also risky. Routinely, after your office shredder’s receptacle has been filled, the shredded material is emptied into a bag and transferred to your dumpster. Since there are no local ordinances against “dumpster diving,” it’s not uncommon for thieves to steal shredded material from corporate dumpsters.

A professional paper shredding service eliminates risky in-house shredding processes. Industrial strength shredding equipment enables your documents to be shredded to a much smaller particle size than is possible with consumer grade office shredders. A strict chain of custody is followed from the collection of documents until their final destruction, eliminating any risk of information being compromised during the shredding process.

Paper Shredding Ensures Compliance

Records that aren’t destroyed in a timely way can come back to haunt you. Expired documents may be subpoenaed by a court and your company can be held liable if personal information is compromised. Further, the shredding of personal information is required by the following state and federal regulations:

  • GA Senate Bill 425
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • FACTA Disposal Rule
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

As a result, paper shredding should align with your document retention policy.

Professional paper shredding enables document destruction to take place on a one-time or scheduled basis for the final disposition of records that have reached the end of their retention life cycle. A Certificate of Destruction is issued after shredding is complete as proof that your documents have been destroyed in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Professional paper shredding provides your business with a reliable and secure solution for protecting its confidential information. Look for a paper shredding provider who takes the time to understand your company’s document disposal requirements and tailors a service to meet your unique shredding needs.

Records Management Center provides professional shredding services and solutions to businesses throughout Augusta, Evans, Thomson, and Martinez, GA, and Aiken, SC and the Central Savannah River Area. For more information please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.