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Off-Site vs. On-Site Document Storage

Managing paper records is tedious and time consuming. Where and how are you storing your business documents? In this blog we offer a comparison of off-site and on-site document storage.


Many organizations assume off-site document storage is more expensive than on-site storage, but there are several cost advantages to storing documents off-site. File cabinets consume large amounts of office space. And as your business grows, your physical storage costs increase. Considering the rising cost of leased office space per square foot, filling your workplace with documents is expensive.

Off-site document storage allows your business to maximize its revenue growth per square foot. Your file inventory is transferred to a records center designed to optimize storage density. As a result, physical document storage costs are much lower. Because your document inventory is professionally managed, your administrative costs are reduced, and your staff has more time to focus on their core responsibilities.


You’re obligated to protect the information collected from your customers, vendors, and employees. Although the threat of hackers and thieves is real, sometimes the biggest risk lurks inside your company in the form of a dishonest or disgruntled employee seeking revenge.

Offsite storage offers a comprehensive privacy protection solution that minimizes external and internal risks. A commercial records center is equipped with advanced security systems. Only authorized personnel have access to the facility. All file access is strictly controlled, monitored, and verified.


Many organizations store documents in closets, maintenance rooms, basements, and crawl spaces. However, paper is an unstable material that needs to be stored under precise conditions to ensure its preservation. Otherwise, documents become brittle, pest infested, water damaged and unreadable over time. On-site storage doesn’t offer a controlled and conditioned environment to ensure long-term document preservation.

Off-site storage offers a controlled and conditioned environment that ensures paper record preservation. A commercial records center’s brick and steel construction can withstand extreme weather conditions. Records cartons are stored on high-density racking systems that prevent them from being crushed and damaged. Advanced fire protection systems protect every stored file throughout the retention lifecycle.


Every organization needs quick access to information, but having to rifle through file cabinets to find it disrupts staff collaboration, customer service, and administrative workflow.

Off-site storage ensures documents are quick and easy to find. Your off-site inventory is tracked with a sophisticated barcode tracking and integrated inventory system, enabling round-the-clock monitoring and retrieval of your storage inventory. Electronic images of your documents can be downloaded through your off-site storage provider’s secure web portal and easily shared among your staff.

As you can see, off-site document storage offers a range of benefits for your business.

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