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More Reasons to Go Paperless and How to Do It

A growing number of companies are converting paper documents to digital files and reaping big benefits. If you’re still on the fence about going paperless, here are several reasons and strategies for acting now that you may not have considered:

Scanning Saves Space

When you’re leasing an office, it’s important to not waste space. File cabinets and boxes of paper consume valuable square footage. Going paperless eliminates physical storage of hard copy records. Millions of digital files can be stored on a server, while storing the same number of paper documents requires a dedicated file room. Your document scanning provider can even shred your documents after they’re scanned so you never have to store physical copies again.

Quicker Access to Information

Think of the time you lose searching for documents—missing files stunt your productivity. Going paperless enables digital file access and eliminates digging through file cabinets. Optical character recognition (OCR) software helps you pinpoint information by typing keywords and phrases. It’s the optimal solution for putting your workflow on auto pilot.


Going paperless ensures your information is always accessible. Scanning technicians convert your documents to an electronic format and add them to a web-based online image repository. An unlimited number of authorized users in your company can access records concurrently, and email, fax or print them.

Better Disaster Recovery Ability

Paper documents can be lost to fires, floods, and natural disasters. Going paperless increases your disaster recovery capability. Your scanning provider uploads your digital images to your server, enterprise content management (ECM) system, or a portable hard drive. Backup copies can be made so if a disaster strikes, you still have access to your information.

A Greener Business

Besides increasing your business efficiency and profitability, going paperless benefits the planet. Less paper use means fewer trees are cut down. You don’t rely on your printer and copy machine as much, lowering your energy consumption. And you buy fewer ink and toner cartridges that are bad for the environment.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose by going paperless!

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