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How Document Scanning Can Revolutionize Your Business

The Evolution of Things

Each new generation laughs at the previous generation’s outdated technology, despite the fact that it was the forerunner that made the new technology possible. One definition of the word “dinosaur” is something that is impractically large, out of date, or obsolete.

While the present generation is anxious about keeping up with things like the most current generation of iPhone, some of us are still trying to make the leap from rotary dial to…well, whatever analogy is easy to understand. Rotary dial, you ask? I may have just dated myself.

There’s a Dinosaur in the Room

Looking back, it’s incredible how technology has changed. In the moment, however, it can be such a subtle change that we don’t notice our technology and practices are slowly becoming dinosaurs.

The process of moving toward scanning documents and operating digitally may seem like a new idea, but it has been a critical part of effective records management for many years already. While some may automatically upgrade to the newest iPhone the minute it becomes available, most of us stick with the present system until we find it necessary to change. When change forces itself, we research and evaluate until we’re sure the new option will work the way we need and expect it to.

Document Scanning vs. Paper Only

To help you navigate towards implementing this idea of document scanning, here are some good reasons to consider it:

  • Less Paper. Initially, having your documents scanned isn’t going to reduce paper usage, because the documents being scanned have already been printed. Converting your paper documents to digital could initiate a move toward using less paper. As you transition to digital documents, you will become accustomed to creating and using digital records, forms, and correspondence that will bypass the need to use paper.
  • More space. By scanning your documents, you will start freeing up large amounts of valuable space formerly used to store paper files in file cabinets. With the cost per square foot of commercial space, using it to store paper documents may not be cost effective.
  • Ideal Backup System. By scanning your documents, you have just created a backup copy. If it’s not necessary to keep your original paper document, you have just converted your paper document into a much more flexible format.
  • Increased Searchability. Electronic documents make files searchable. You will be able to find and extract useful information from a digital file by having your electronic documents scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and having them indexed. With only paper documents, a human has to visually scan every piece of paper for the desired information.
  • Working remotely. Let’s face it—in a post-pandemic world, many staff members are either continuing to work remotely full or part time. In either case, access to digital files is a necessity. Digital file sharing is a requirement when your office could be anywhere in the world.
  • Archiving. In some cases, the original document being scanned must never be destroyed. While the paper document can be securely stored in a records center, a digital copy makes the information easily retrievable by authorized individuals, and provides you with a secondary copy of the document should it ever be needed. If your paper documents were not scanned before storing offsite, full-service records management companies offer Scan On Demand so you can get a scanned copy of any archived document at a moment’s notice.

DIY and Document Scanning Don’t Mix

Scanning your documents is a great benefit to your business and an excellent means of reducing expenses. To further increase your security and efficiency, partner with a reputable, local records management company for your document scanning project. Their scanning experts follow rigid quality control practices to ensure every page is scanned correctly while preserving the original documents. They will also be able to recommend the best DPI for your scans so that you have the best quality digital images without unnecessarily large file sizes.

Records Management Center in Augusta, Georgia can help you safely and securely store your paper records, scan any or all of your documents, and make them available with Scan On Demand. We are a full-service records and information management company with an amazing track record. We will help you embrace the next generation of records management with ease. To discuss your scanning needs, give us a call at 706-724-7982 or complete the form on this page. Our friendly experts are ready to assist you!