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Records Management Tips for 2022

“We’ve always done it that way,” can be one of the most harmful philosophies for any organization. It squelches the opportunity for innovation and growth, and sticking to that philosophy could be a catalyst for disaster. Any time is a great time to make a proactive change, but if you need an incentive to implement…
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Outsourced Scanning vs. In-House Scanning

Knowing when to keep your scanning project in-house or outsource it to a professional service involves a combination of several factors. Here’s a quick look at the differences between of outsourcing and in-house document scanning. Outsourced Scanning Having an outside company do your scanning could be for the purpose of cost-cutting, increasing quality, decreasing turnaround…
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Understanding Your Shredding Options

Agent Jim Phelps had it easy in the popular TV series, Mission Impossible. After receiving his instructions, the tape would “self destruct.” After all these years, why can’t we get expired documents to do the same thing? If you’ve been tasked with finding the right shredding option for your company, you may feel overwhelmed and…
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How to Prepare for an Office Move

Making a move is stressful enough but having to move your business and staff to another location, whether near or far, can feel overwhelming. The best way to take on such a big task is one step at a time. 1. Make a To-Do List If your move is several months away, you have the…
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Signs You Need to Outsource Your Records Management

You may already be aware that many organizations and businesses outsource their records management but aren’t sure that time has come for you. After all, what exactly are the signs that it’s time to move your records offsite to a secure records center? Here are a few signs to consider: 1. Focus Outsourcing records management…
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A Guide to HIPAA and PHI

True Story During a hospital overnight, I was resting in my hospital bed where nurses passed by, performing their regularly-scheduled duties. A piece of paper accidentally fell from a nurse’s pocket. I picked it up. On it was the name and all the vitals of a 79-year-old woman in 115B who had pneumonia. The Health…
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5 Myths about Going Paperless

What ever happened to the 1975 Business Newsweek prediction of computers making us a paperless society? Instead of realizing that utopian vision, each day, we make one billion photocopies. That’s about $40 million dollars invested each day just for paper—equivalent to distributing 400 million food bank meals daily. Myth 1: We aren’t technologically ready for…
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5 Questions for Your Document Scanning Provider

Choosing the right document scanning provider doesn’t involve a dart board. Intentionally asking the right questions will help you select the company that is best for your needs. 1. Do You Offer Scan-on-Demand? Scan On Demand allows you to receive a document digitally, anytime you need it, anywhere you are. You don’t have to wait…
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Records Management Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here, the temperature is rising, and the days are getting longer. It is the ideal time to spruce up your records management program. In this blog, we offer several records management spring cleaning tips. Tip 1: Review Your Record Retention Schedule A fresh start to Spring begins by reviewing your record retention policy.…
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Tips for Avoiding Tax Scams

Tax-related identity theft and business fraud is big business. Tax scams cause individual taxpayers and businesses millions of dollars in losses every year. In this blog, we offer tips for reducing your risk of becoming a tax fraud victim. File Your Taxes Early The longer you wait to file your taxes, the more likely a…
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