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The Changing World of Health Care and Medical Records

The affordability of healthcare is a topic on everyone’s mind these days. Amidst sweeping changes to how healthcare is provided, as technology continues to evolve and improve so does the likelihood of it being used to manage patient care. Since 2009, when The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) was implemented,…
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Professional Scanning Ensures Optimal Success

As many companies look to implement cost saving strategies, tasks that are typically outsourced may be brought in house and assigned to existing staff. This type of change may make sense for those services that align with your corporate core competencies, however, highly detailed functions requiring a higher level of specialization are best left to…
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A Combination Solution for Reducing Unnecessary File Space

Finding the right amount of space for your paper files can be a challenge. Even the least paper intensive businesses have documents and records that need to be organized and preserved for the duration of their required retention period. And allocating enough space just to store and properly manage files can represent a significant overhead…
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Organizing a Purge Day for Your Business

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to happen in the spring. And just because it’s the middle of the summer doesn’t mean that you should wait until next spring to get a handle on your business documents. Let’s face it — we all hate to tackle the chore of purging old files from our offices. But it’s…
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To Scan Or To Store: That Is The Question

Achieving a paperless office is easier said than done. For all the convenience technology has brought, computers have contributed to the proliferation of an increased amount of paper. Most businesses struggle with how to properly manage this influx of hardcopy documents and files. As a result, the refrain “Scan or store?” has become commonplace in most…
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Records Management for Tax Season and Beyond

Is tax season driving you crazy? The mad scramble to locate and organize financial records is stressful and time-consuming. And even though you’ve had plenty of time to get your ducks in a row, you find yourself in the same predicament during the first quarter of every year: unprepared and unorganized. How you handle your…
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