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Value Your Business Data? Don’t Repeat These Mistakes

Nowadays, companies have to manage huge amounts of information. Since corporate data is often of a confidential and private nature, businesses often attempt to store and manage their information internally. Yet, as so often happens, this data is easily mishandled. Recently, it was brought to light that a hospital in Miami had lost the medical…
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How Shredding and Scanning Can Green Your Business

Business isn’t just about profit. It’s also means contributing to the betterment of your community. With environmentally sound corporate practices, you’re helping to ensure a promising future for your city and region. You may have already implemented “green” policies and incentives within your business such as container recycling and employee ride sharing. However, like most…
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Are you also Destroying your Electronic Data?

There are many ways your paper records can be compromised. A document containing a social security number can easily be plucked out of a dumpster. A disgruntled employee may seek retribution by stealing confidential proprietary information from an office file cabinet. Client credit card information sitting on a desktop can easily be copied or photographed…
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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Document Shredding Vendor

Destruction of information is a key component of a comprehensive records management program; however, it’s tough keeping up with the volume of records that need to be disposed of in a secure and timely manner. Office shredders rarely live up to the job as they are slow, prone to malfunction, and can take up precious…
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The FACTA Disposal Rule and Its Impact on Your Business

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) was enacted in 2003 to protect the privacy rights of consumers. Key provisions include: fraud alerts placed on consumer files suspected of being compromised, truncation of debit and credit card numbers on receipts, and the Red Flags Rule (which outlines how businesses must implement identity theft programs).…
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Jumping on the Paperless Bandwagon? Do it the Right Way

“Paperless” has been de rigueur for several years now. However, even with the presence of computer tablets, e-readers, and smartphones, the amount of paper that continues to be generated is staggering. The average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper a year. That’s enough to make the most technophobic person shake his head in…
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