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Do’s and Don’ts of Document Scanning

Are you ready to go paperless? A document scanning solution can help your business lower costs and increase productivity. In this blog, we offer guidelines for making sure your document scanning project is a success.

Don’t: Scan Without a Plan

Plowing full steam ahead with a scanning solution is tempting. Remember that proper planning is key to success. Scanning every paper record may not fulfill your workflow needs.

Do: Know Your Scanning Scope

Know what to scan and why. Do you need the reduce hard copies for more office space? Are you looking to streamline access to active customer files? A document imaging provider can assess your digital conversion and workflow needs and offer a customized document scanning solution.

Don’t: Underestimate the Strain of a Scanning Project

In-housing scanning can place a strain on your organization by detracting from your employees’ core responsibilities.

Do: Seek Outside Expertise

Outsourcing your scanning helps your organization stay productive. You gain professional oversight and quality control of your scanning project without compromising internal resources.

Don’t: Scan Non-Paper Items

Paperclips, staples and sticky notes can jam or damage your scanner. Remove these items from your documents before scanning.

Do: Prepare Your Files Before Scanning

Although document preparation is time consuming, it saves you the cost and headache of replacing a broken scanner. A document imaging provider can reduce your document preparation time. Trained scanning technicians prepare and index your files before scanning them.

Don’t: Think a Desktop Scanner Will Solve Your Problems

Desktop scanners are great tools for day-forward scanning projects where you are scanning a few documents at a time but cannot handle high-volume file conversions. Scanning more than a handful of files with a desktop scanner may take days or even weeks.

Do: Consider Partnering with a Document Imaging Provider

If you have a high-volume scanning project requiring a high-quality solution, seek help from a qualified document imaging company. Professional scanning technicians use high-speed scanners and specialized software to convert your paper records into an electronic format. They add your scanned images to a web-based online image repository so authorized users in your company can concurrently access, share and distribute records.

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