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Determining Which Shredding Service Best Suits Your Business

You already know how important it is that you securely dispose of your confidential business information. And you also understand that a professional shredding service can help you achieve your shredding goals in the most timely and efficient way. The right professional shredding and destruction partner will offer you a variety of options so that you can accurately align the right service with your needs and budget.

Not all shredding companies provide you with a choice when it comes to disposing of your records. Some may only have the capability to shred your information on-site with a mobile shredding truck. Others will transport your documents and files to an off-site facility for shredding. Few companies offer both options in addition to the following services:

A service provider that gives you choices ultimately acknowledges that each business not only has unique compliance requirements but also distinct preferences and comfort levels. Factors you may want to consider when choosing a shredding service include:

  • volume of shredded material
  • desired frequency of shredding
  • budget
  • legal and regulatory obligations

On-Site Shredding

Many businesses love the convenience of on-site shredding. According to your preferred schedule, a service representative arrives at your facility with a barcode scanner, records the fill level of each container, and deposits the contents into a mobile shred truck where it is immediately shredded in a matter of minutes. A truck-mounted camera even lets you witness the actual shredding process.

However, not all businesses may have a space for a shredding truck to park. Some business owners may not want to draw attention to the fact that they are shredding sensitive information. In addition, the added convenience of on-site shredding comes at an additional cost. As a result, on-site shredding may not be the preferred option for everyone.

Off-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding occurs in much the same way, although instead of having documents shredded at your premises, they are transported to a secure shredding plant for destruction. This cost-effective option allows for the same secure destruction of your confidential files at a lower price. If your shredding provider is already managing your document retention, and thus is disposing of your records for final disposition purposes, off-site shredding enables bulk disposal of both active and archival files simultaneously.

One-Time Purge Service

Some businesses have nominal daily document disposal needs but may need bulk destruction of confidential records on an annual or semi-annual basis. Similarly, for companies that are moving or relocating, a one-time purge service enables secure bulk disposal of documents and files. One-time purges can be completed either on-site or off-site; each process features:

  • uniformed and badged employees
  • certificate of destruction
  • individual carton shredding
  • shred collection container service

Drop-Off Shredding

Drop-off shredding enables small businesses or the self-employed to securely destroy both personal and business information. This cost-effective method saves the time and frustration of feeding documents through a typical shredding machine and provides a trusted, professional resource for disposing of:

  • bank statements
  • utility bills
  • invoices
  • client records

Records Management Center provides businesses throughout Augusta, Evans, Thomson, and Martinez, GA, and Aiken, SC and the Central Savannah River Area with shredding and destruction options that meet their unique business needs. To find out more, please get in touch with us by phone or fill in the form on this page.