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Determining if Cloud Backup Works for Your Business

It’s likely that in recent years, a portion of your business applications have been moved to the cloud. Avoiding the purchase expensive software and hardware and having remote access to business applications are obvious benefits. But before you spend money on a cloud backup service, you’ll need to make sure it meets all of your backup and recovery needs.

Security and Control

With an offline, local backup solution, your data is backed by an authorized person within your organization and then must be sent offsite with a strict chain of custody. When backing up data to tape, you also have to make sure that your media is stored in a location that protects it from physical disaster.

The physical risks associated with tape backup are alleviated with a cloud solution:

  • theft
  • improper handling
  • flood, fire and catastrophe damage
  • degradation due to environmental factors

Cloud backup can improve your disaster recovery capabilities as your data is automatically sent to a repository with an internet connection. All data is encrypted during transmission, maintaining the privacy of your information at all times

Critical Availability of Data

The longer you wait for data to be restored, the more you feel the impact of its loss. In the event of a widespread local or regional disaster, it may take a while for you to receive critical backup tapes. When data is backed up to the cloud, mission-critical information can be sent remotely to any location with an internet connection.

Cost and Scalability

Keep in mind that as your data storage requirements grow, so to do your backup needs. Therefore, your backup solution should be scalable without breaking your budget. Both offline and cloud backup options offer affordability and scalability. However, as your data protection needs expand, you may have to upgrade and/or replace your software and hardware. As a result, a cloud backup may be a cost-effective solution for amortizing your recovery needs.

More to Keep in Mind

Whether you decide to go with offline tape backup, cloud backup or a hybrid solution, be sure you know your provider. Choose one with a strong local reputation, excellent references, and experience serving businesses similar to yours. Assess the level of technical support they offer with their cloud solution and determine whether it meets your needs.

Also, evaluate the technology and processes used to protect your data. A data protection facility needs to be designed with security at the forefront, and the individuals handling your data should be trained and screened professionals.

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