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A Combination Solution for Reducing Unnecessary File Space

Finding the right amount of space for your paper files can be a challenge. Even the least paper intensive businesses have documents and records that need to be organized and preserved for the duration of their required retention period. And allocating enough space just to store and properly manage files can represent a significant overhead cost for your business. Implementing an offsite storage, scanning and destruction solution can help reduce unnecessary file space and help to better organize your business records.

Getting rid of unnecessary paper files is a key first step in getting a handle on your business records. It’s crucial that any records that have exceeded their required retention period are destroyed. Shredding bins are an important tool during the purge process, as they are secure receptacles for disposing of documents and files that may contain confidential information. A document shredding partner can provide you with bins, and once they’ve been filled, can collect and shred the contents.

Once your old files are shredded, you can determine which files are needed on a regular basis versus those that are purely archival and thus rarely accessed. Archival files can be sent to an offsite records storage facility where they can be securely preserved for their required retention period, therefore eliminating the need to operate and manage additional storage space. Since retention periods are driven by the local, state and federal laws affecting your business, it’s wise to consult with a legal professional to determine your obligations.

Additional file space used for your active files can be reduced with a document scanning solution. A high volume of files stored in a digital format can easily be preserved and accessed on a server or hard drive. Since converting hardcopy files to electronic images can be a time consuming process that requires methodical attention to detail, it’s best to engage a document imaging partner who can assure the successful conversion of your active files in the least amount of time.

A full service records management company like Records Management Center can provide you with a combination of records storage, document imaging and secure shredding and destruction solution for your business records and files. To find out more, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.