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Shredding and Destruction Best Practices

Shredding is one of the best ways to combat identity theft and business fraud. Still, there are several rules to follow when destroying sensitive personal, financial and medical information. Here are several shredding and destruction best practices to use in your organization: When in Doubt, Destroy Too many organizations get into trouble by tossing confidential…
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Tips for Avoiding Tax Fraud

Tax season and fraud go hand-in-hand. Identity thieves often use stolen business and personal information to file fraudulent tax returns. In this blog, we offer tips for protecting your information from tax fraud. File Early No one enjoys paying taxes; that’s why so many people procrastinate when filing returns. But the longer you wait, the…
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3 Categories of Documents You Should Be Shredding

Some documents must be stored forever, but that doesn’t mean you should hold onto every last piece of paper indefinitely. When it comes to protecting your employees and customers from identity theft, document shredding is just as important as document storage. Below is our helpful list of documents you should shred. Financial Documents Financial documents…
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10 Data Security Tips for Your Business

Data security is an issue that affects small businesses and large corporations equally. As we head into 2018, threats are increasing and breach costs are rising. Preparedness is key. Here are our 10 tips for keeping your data safe and secure: 1. Protect Your WiFi Network You don’t leave the front door to your business…
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Your Questions about Data Destruction, Answered

In today’s digital world, where identity theft and fraud are the norm, destroying old devices containing sensitive information is a must. To get rid of your data securely, you need a data destruction solution. We’re sharing the following data destruction questions and answers to help point you in the right direction: Q: Can I Erase…
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Protecting Your Data in the Wake of the Equifax Breach

The ripple effects from the Equifax breach continue as more individuals learn their personal information was compromised in one of the biggest corporate data breaches to ever occur. If any good has come as a result of the incident, it’s that businesses are taking data security more seriously. In this blog, we offer tips for…
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