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If a Thief Doesn’t Get Your Data, These Things Probably Will

Human Error Kevin Mitnick was once named the “most wanted computer criminal in US history” by the US Department of Justice. After spending five years in prison for his overwhelming level of invasion of privacy, he addressed the government saying that the weakest link in the security chain is people, not protective software or security…
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The Best Georgia Shredding Company for Accountants

If you think accountants are only good at counting your money, consider these facts. It was an accountant that put notorious crime boss and murderer, Al Capone, in prison, charged for tax evasion. And in 1928, it was Walter Diemar who invented the less-sticky and more-popular bubblegum, Double Bubble, while working as an accountant at…
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Why the Deceased Still Need Document Shredding

Monsieur Thenardier, one of the villains in Victor Hugo’s musical, Les Misérables, was a career crook. He ruthlessly robbed the bodies of dead soldiers, taking their jewelry and even the gold from their teeth. He was a typical thief who had no respect, ethics, or boundaries. January is Rough During this month with the highest…
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Records Management Tips for 2022

“We’ve always done it that way,” can be one of the most harmful philosophies for any organization. It squelches the opportunity for innovation and growth, and sticking to that philosophy could be a catalyst for disaster. Any time is a great time to make a proactive change, but if you need an incentive to implement…
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Outsourced Scanning vs. In-House Scanning

Knowing when to keep your scanning project in-house or outsource it to a professional service involves a combination of several factors. Here’s a quick look at the differences between of outsourcing and in-house document scanning. Outsourced Scanning Having an outside company do your scanning could be for the purpose of cost-cutting, increasing quality, decreasing turnaround…
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Understanding Your Shredding Options

Agent Jim Phelps had it easy in the popular TV series, Mission Impossible. After receiving his instructions, the tape would “self destruct.” After all these years, why can’t we get expired documents to do the same thing? If you’ve been tasked with finding the right shredding option for your company, you may feel overwhelmed and…
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