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The Bone-Chilling Reality of Data Theft

Putting up decorations, helping the kids design costumes, and picking out your favorite treats…the allure of Halloween is irresistible. Even as adults, our imaginations run wild with thoughts of the macabre and absurd variety. After the flicker of the jack-o-lantern fades away, reality sets in again and our thoughts turn back to the worries and fears of the real world.

A huge topic of concern on the minds of many people these days are the vulnerability of personal and business data. Ask anyone who has fallen victim to identity theft, and they’re likely to mention the word “nightmare.” Individual stories of data theft abound; incidents from this year alone are likely to provide enough material to fill a Stephen King novel. We’ve outlined a couple of vulnerabilities so you can begin to think differently about how to protect your data.

Sensitive Documents Waiting to Be Stolen

Most people are trusting. How many times have you left a laptop up and running at your table in a coffee shop while you went to the restroom, jotted down credit card information onto a sticky note at your workspace, or left a client file on your desk overnight? Even if you’re not guilty of these security slips, risky behaviors happen in all types of organizations and have a tendency to get addressed only after a breach has occurred-and by then, the damage may be so extensive that it may be impossible to fully recover.

When you start paying attention to how sensitive information is treated within your business, get ready to shudder. Here are just a few things you may notice:

  • unlocked file cabinets
  • confidential documents left on a printer or copy machine
  • whole, intact files stacked next to a shredder

While most people are trustworthy, all it takes is one dishonest person-an employee, contractor, or client-and the sensitive information of multiple clients can be compromised.

In order to prevent an incident, it pays dividends to assess all potential data security risks throughout your organization. From there, you can implement solutions that enable information to flow securely. For example, if electronic files are currently stored on a company server and can be accessed by any employee, you may want to consider an image hosting solution that restricts access to only authorized individuals. If hardcopy documents are also able to accessed and retrieved without secure procedures, a professional records storage and management solution provides a system of verification and control.

Backup Taken for Granted

Data backup is like a life preserver for your business, but all too often, it’s not performed or handled securely. One small backup tape can hold the data of hundreds of thousands of people, and information thieves understand this very well. Still, backup media is left at home, in cars or on someone’s desk. Optimal data protection comes when backup media is stored off-site in a facility with:

  • strict climate control
  • comprehensive surveillance and security systems
  • water and fire protection

Data Security isn’t all about preventing malicious intent, theft or negligence. Circumstances beyond your control can lead to permanent data loss:

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