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Wayne Hall

3 Important Things to Remember About Data Security

Earlier this year the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) released a report indicating that 740 million records were compromised in 2013-a historical record. Given recent high-profile breaches involving Target, UPS and Ebay, 2014 isn’t likely to fare any better. Large corporations and small businesses are equally susceptible to data breach risks. However, by paying attention to…
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Preventing Your Data from Ending up in a Landfill or Worse

Every so often, you end up having to replace the technology in your business. Computers, hard drives and backup tapes have to replaced and disposed of. But doing so in a secure and environmentally-friendly manner can be a challenge. E-Waste Concerns E-waste is an ever-increasing ecological problem. According to the Earth Day Network, over 50…
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Establishing a More Secure Document Destruction Plan for Your Business

Every so often, a story comes along that makes you shake your head in disbelief. Recently, an $800,000 penalty was handed out by the Department of Health and Human Services to an Indiana healthcare provider for a HIPAA violation that involved the dumping of 71 boxes of medical records belonging to at least 5,000 patients…
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Three Common Data Disposal Mistakes That Can Lead to Identity Theft and Business Fraud

No one is perfect, that’s for sure. But it pays to be on-point when it comes to disposing of sensitive business data, especially considering the potential consequences of identity theft and business fraud: legal and regulatory non-compliance loss of customer confidence bad publicity damaged reputation You can avoid these negative outcomes by being aware of…
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Why Document Protection Is a Vital Component of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster can significantly impact your ability to conduct business, which is why it’s important to have policies and procedures in place for dealing with catastrophic events that affect your organization. A disaster recovery plan is a comprehensive document designating contact information, roles and responsibilities, and service level agreements. While most disasters occur suddenly and…
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What to Look for in a Commercial Records Center

You’ve reached the last straw! Your office has officially been taken over by boxes-boxes containing business documents of all shapes and sizes. Fantasies of bonfires are seeping into your consciousness on a regular basis. You’d never go that far-after all, you know the importance of retaining your records-but lately it seems like every square foot…
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