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Carlos Brown

Why Home Businesses Need a Records Management Plan

Running a small home business might make you feel like a grain of sand among the large corporate businesses. However, just as a beach consists of countless grains of sand, the US economy thrives on the collective contributions of small businesses like yours. Small businesses are not only vital, but also resilient, often employing more…
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Shred Bins: What They Are and How to Choose

Expressions such as “the weakest link,” “ducks in a row,” and “dot your i’s and cross your t’s,” all emphasize the importance of organization in tasks or projects. When it comes to protecting private information, the weakest link often occurs in areas that receive little attention. One of those vulnerable areas in managing paper information…
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Document Management is a Cornerstone of Disaster Recovery

A “cornerstone” is an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based. In architecture, the cornerstone is the first stone to be laid and the remainder of the building is measured from this point with confidence that its position is correct. A religious organization will refer to a higher power…
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Behind the Scenes of a Document Scanning Service

I’ve been to several factories where I have been given a tour to see how their product was made. The one I recall the most is a chip factory, where I discovered, during the final stage, the chips’ simple curve was created. It was done with gravity. When the final product is pushed out of…
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Should Your Office Aim for Paperless or Just Less Paper?

Until the digital age, paper documents stored in file cabinets were the primary way to organize information. As digital documents started to become a safe and efficient alternative to physical paper, the idea of becoming paperless seemed like a future reality. In 1975, Businessweek predicted paper would be obsolete by 1990 as computers started becoming…
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What is a Certificate of Destruction and Why Do I Need One?

True story: Throughout elementary and high school, I was never awarded anything at graduation. I became satisfied with the fact I was just an average student, and it wasn’t going to happen. Fast forward to college graduation. After receiving my diploma, I sat in a daze waiting for the awards to be given out to…
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