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Augusta Supplies

Document Storage Containers

box Have you ever pulled on the handle of a box of records and it ripped right off? We hate that, too! Most of the boxes sold at office supply stores are made out of cheap cardboard and don’t last as long as you need them to.

Records Management Center offers high quality boxes at an economical price. Our boxes are double walled and made out of 200 pound cardboard, which makes them able to stand up to years of use. Our boxes are designed to be some of the strongest boxes money can buy.

Records Management Center boxes are delivered flat so they are easy to store if you order more than you need. It’s easier to have a couple extra boxes on hand when you need them than not have one when you start a new project. You just pop open the box, fold down the sides and your box is ready to fill.

Boxes are sold in bundles of 25.