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Scanning Bureau

For many years, only large corporations had the financial resources to utilize electronic management systems. New scanning technology and multifunction peripherals allow us to integrate scan/copy/print functions with a secure repository offerings. This provides Records Management Center the opportunity to help you attain the same high-tech, efficient document management system.

Our imaging services will help you streamline the storage and management of your documents and files. Records Management Center’s integrated high-end digital imaging system helps organizations streamline document workflows, increase efficiency and protect important information throughout the lifespan. Our methods range from single page processing with manual data entry to high speed OCRing (Optical Character Recognition) that reads the text in images, media conversion.

Why would I want my documents imaged?

  • Eliminate the risks of misfiled or lost documents or media tapes
  • Protect confidential information from internal and external threats
  • Save significant time with immediate response of information retrieval
  • Save costs involved with searching for missing files
  • Meet regulatory and audit requirements for document control
  • Ensure timely data recovery provisions

Records Management Center can convert almost any type of paper to almost any type of image such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP and others. All phases of the document imaging system including preparations, document scanning, document indexing, conversion and OCR can be performed by Records Management Center.

The images can be burned onto CDs or DVDs, applied to stand alone work station, your in-house server, or a web server. Don’t have a server? We offer web image hosting. Ask a Records Management Center team member.

What are our options?

Records Management Center does not have a cookie-cutter approach to digital conversions. We believe every industry- even every company has individual needs. Each Records Management Center conversion project is customized to each client’s requirements.

Straight Scanning – Minimal amount of preparation and no indexing

Preparation and Scanning – Records Management Center will do all preparation for you including removing staples, paper clips and binding implements. All small sized documents will be copied onto larger pages before scanning.

Preparation, Scanning and Indexing – All the above and we can index each file by name, number, and or sub-file.

Preparation, Scanning, Imaging and Coding – All the above plus indexing information of the data contained within the documents.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Images can be processed into text files such as Word, Excel, or ASCII, which allows you to search by keywords or text within the file.

Complimentary Search Engine – Advanced search option allowing you the capability to search keywords or concepts throughout the entire database.

Free Custom Menu with a Table of Contents – Enables you to access you files with a simple click of a button

Blow-Back – Records Management Center can make hard copies of the digital files to reduce the cost of expensive photocopying