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Scan On Demand

I’d like my records imaged so that I can view them electronically, but its so expensive to have them scanned. Are there any other options so that I can get my records electronically?

Scan on Demand is an option for the retrieval of your record. Instead of delivering your paper records to you we can electronically scan them and so you can access the records through our web portal. If you prefer, we can email you the scanned records.

The accessibility and control of your information is in your hands. If an associate 500 miles away needs one of your records, you don’t want to relinquish the paper work. So, you just want a copy for your associate, right? Why not let us scan just the files you need as you need them? You can send the scanned documents to your associate, client or any number of people.

So how does it work?

When you request a record that you’d like retrieved you can ask that it be scanned instead of delivered to you. We scan the document and make it available for you to view or download it from our portal. The file is returned to its original storage location and you have an electronic copy of the pages or files you need. You can print it, send it to others, or store the document.

If you’d like us to keep the electronic document available on our web portal we can provide electronic storage of your records. If you only need it for limited use it can be deleted when your need has been filled.

What if I decide that I want all my records scanned?

Records Management Center offers document imaging services. We’ll work with you to design a strategy that works for you. Ask your account manager or call us at (706) 724-7982 .