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Here’s what your neighbors are saying about Records Management Center:

“When I want a file it’s like waving a magic wand and Records Management Center brings it to us. Their performance has been excellent.”

Janice Baygents
Allgood, Childs, Mehrhof

“Records Management Center has stored records for us and even indexed some of our files. It’s been a very good relationship.”

Leslie Cue
Augusta Associates of Ear Nose & Throat

“I am very pleased with Records Management Center. Wayne (our driver) is awesome! I wouldn’t even think about going anywhere else.”

Marie Jenkins
Bell & Brigham

“With Records Management Center we have peace of mind that all our confidential financial documents are being securely shredded.”

Mary Hendricks
Bedingfield, McCuticheon & Perry

“What’s important to us is both the security of our records and the ability to access them when we need them. Records Management Center has been great!”

Cindy Bell
Carter Electric Company

“We used to use office shredders but it was tough to keep up with the volume. We switched to Records Management Center and we’ve been very pleased with their security and their customer service.”

Marcia Airaghi
Golden Living Center-Augusta

“When we stored our records on site and I had to find an old file, I used to have to dig through stacks of boxes and take the time to find it. With RMC I just call in and they deliver the file right to us.”

Julie Griner
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

“We used to store records in the attic of our facility and it wasn’t working out. People would go up to retrieve a file and they’d make a mess out of everything. When we switched to RMC it not only made our lives a lot easier, it also helped us get more organized.”

Gary Harvell
Modern Welding Company

“Security and access to our records is most important to us and with Records Management Center we never have a problem.”

Sissy Bowden
Orthopedic Associates of Augusta

“Speed of record retrieval, responsiveness of staff and document security are the things that are most important to us. In all those categories Records Management Center does an excellent job.”

Linda Haney
Cardiovascular Associates of Augusta

“If I tell Records Management Center I need a file delivered today or tomorrow, it’s usually here today.”

Audrey W. Shealy
Evans Medical Group

“If we call late in the day with a patient record request, Records Management Center is really good about getting it to us first thing in the morning. When it comes to delivering our records on time I give them an A+.”

Gloria Winbo
Augusta Heart Associates