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One-Time Purges

Records past the end of their lifespan can be a liability to any business. There are many way old records can be detrimental to your business. Non-destroyed aged records can be subpoenaed and must be presented to the court; records tossed into a dumpster are easy pickings for identity thieves and dumpster diving is considered legal in most states; businesses that don’t destroy records are responsible if personal information is compromised; and recycled paper is not always shredded before it is sold to paper mills around the world.

Sometimes you don’t need regularly scheduled destruction service. Sometimes all you need is a purge of expired records. Records Management Center can help. We offer on-site and plant based shredding. For large purge jobs our uniformed drivers with company ID badges pick up boxes of expired records and transport them to our facility for secure shredding. A Certificate of Destruction is provided upon request. You are welcome to view the shredding of your records if desire.

Record purges can be completed on-site with a mobile shred truck. We’ll pull right up to your door, bring your boxes down to the truck and shred right there while you watch, even if you prefer the comfort of your office window.

Have filing cabinets instead of boxes? RMC can provide you with large, portable, locking containers that you can fill with your expired records. We’ll drop them off empty and pick them up when you’ve filled them.

Not enough time to do get it done?

We’ll even help you with your purge if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. We can empty your file cabinets or shelves into the rolling bins and remove them directly to be shredded so they don’t take up valuable space in your office.

How do I know it’s safe?

All RMC employees including shredding specialists have been through extensive background checks and have been screened for the security and safety of your confidential information. So you can be sure our secure destruction services are just that- secure and destroyed.