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Media Destruction

In a survey conducted by the Conference Board, top executives from 300 companies ranked the security of company records as one of the top five critical issues facing business. When asked which issues required immediate attention and policy development, the security of company records ranked second only to employee health screening.

Erasing or Sanitizing hard drives or magnetic media alone does not guarantee the information is non-retrievable. Only physical destruction along with data wiping can guarantee information is truly destroyed. We don’t just delete or rewrite data, we physically destroy it, eliminating any chance of compromised data.

Records Management Center provides secure data destruction and shredding of Hard Drives, Tapes, Magnetic Media. Our Media destruction services include several layers of data destruction to ensure total, irrevocable obliteration of all information. We combine pulling, scanning, degaussing/eradicating, delamination and physical demolition. Records Management Center also can provide a “Certificate of Tape Destruction” upon request.

Degaussing: erasing data on media without Servo Tracks

Eradicating: erasing data on media with Servo Tracks

Delamination: the process of separating the data-bearing material from the disc, thus destroying the magnetic field

After an erasing process we physically grind the media into small particles.

Over the years Records Management Center has had many satisfied customers and have never had an incident where customer security was breached.

According to a June 2009 report by the Enterprise Strategy Group called “Protecting Confidential Data Revisited” 82% of respondents said they have formal policies and procedures for the destruction of storage media. If your business is not a part of the 82% you could unknowingly be leaving accessible data on your media.

Records Management Center specializes in the secure destruction of confidential information. We adhere to high standards of security and operating procedures. Our employees are insured, bonded and trained to handle sensitive information. Additionally, all of our employees have had thorough background checks and have signed confidentiality agreements.