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Active File Storage

Medical records, x-ray films, insurance records, legal case files, often have scores of active files. And most companies run out of storage space for their active files. Records Management Center can help. We offer diverse solutions for managing your active files.

Open Shelf Filing

Hospitals and other industries that have large amounts of active files sometimes keeping them on shelves instead of inside a box. This allows us to provide quick retrievals and re-files when you need them fast. Records Management Center barcodes each file. If you already barcode your files we can often use the one you already have. We can index them by any designation that works for you. Ask your account manager about the different options of getting your indexed files into our inventory system. When you need your active files you can request them over the phone, by fax or through our web portal.

Specialized Delivery

When you have a lot of active files it helps to know when you can expect them. Records Management Center can design a delivery schedule that works the way you do. Want deliveries three times a day? We can do that. If you have your own company courier we can prepare your records for pick up at scheduled times also.

Terminal Digit

Our sophisticated inventory system will allow you to manage your active files by terminal digit. Records Management Center offers eight fields for you to manage the inventory descriptions of your files. Use as many or as few fields as you need.

Cost Savings

Not only is retrieving a file from a shelf faster, but when you are requesting many files at one time, its a more cost effective option. The easier it is to find or re-file a record, the easier it is to pass on savings to you. An in-house file room usually requires a full time employee and their benefits, and training, and people to manage them… One call is all you need when Records Management Center manages your active files. Records Management Center works with you to discover the most cost effective and efficient solution to help you with the storage and management your active files.