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File Restoration

Even if you’ve done everything possible to keep your records safe, you still may encounter a disaster. Documents and media require immediate action to prevent degradation or decomposition. Freeze drying and restoration can actually salvage documents. Microfilm and fiche can be cleaned and dried.

Records Management Center partners with a world class disaster recovery company to provide our customers with advanced restoration of your important data. If your office suffers from a disaster, we can help. The faster you react, the more successful the restoration process will be.

What should we do?

If you are working with paper:

  1. Don’t panic, but you do need to move fast. It takes 48 hours for mold to grow.
  2. Call Records Management Center. We’ll help you with your recovery process.
  3. Remove documents from the moisture source – carefully. Wet documents tear easily.
  4. Stabilize the environment. Reduce air temperature and humidity if possible.
  5. Assess the damage and separate what is to be saved and restored.
  6. Box loose documents, not too tightly but don’t rebox or handle excessively. Don’t undo any containers or pallets and don’t stack wet boxes.
  7. Load documents on a refrigerated truck that will take your documents to the reserved freeze drying facility.

If you are working with microfilm, microfiche, magnetic media or other data:

Microfilm and fiche require immediate attention for recovery. Film must be separated and drying must commence within 48 hours for the best results. If at all possible your data needs to ship the same day it gets wet.

  1. Do not attempt to separate film.
  2. Put rubber bands around the boxes to keep the film or media and its box together
  3. Place film or media in plastic bags and seal tightly
  4. Place media in sturdy boxes and label with the contents
  5. Keep as cold as possible until it can be transported

The information contained on computer discs and magnetic media is generally more important than the media on which its stored. We often recover the information from the media and copy it to new formats for long term retention.

If you encounter other items that you need restored call us as soon as possible and we’ll do everything we can to help rescue your valuable information.