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File Indexing

Not sure what files are in each box? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to retrieve your files?

Records Management Center can index each file for you. We can design
an indexing scheme that is most efficient for you.

20160816-_MG_8041 How does it work?

Records Management Center will pick up your records. We bring them back to our secure facility for our data entry team to work on. Each file is removed from the box. We enter as many lines of indexing information that you need.

If you use retention code or schedule to manage your files there is an indexing field specifically designed for that. A barcode is applied to the file and it is returned to the original box.

Records Management Center can provide an inventory list if requested or you can access the files through our web portal. You can search for files by any field that has been indexed.

When your files are indexed, it doesn’t matter which box they are in. If you accidentally put the Smith file in the Anderson – Baker box you can still easily find the file. It’s not lost any longer. It’s assigned to a specific box and it doesn’t matter which box.

Our files include a lot of personal information…

Records Management Center performs extensive background checks on every employee. We require all employees to sign confidentiality agreements, so they know they are not allowed to share any information they observe at our facility.

We don’t even share your company name unless you give us permission. Records Management Center maintains HIPAA Business Agreements and other industry-specific privacy agreements as needed.

Besides all that, we hire great people!