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Electronic Vaulting

Servers fail, tapes or discs can become corrupt, people make mistakes and then there’s always viruses. Remote, electronic back up can reduce the reliance on manual processes. Your data can be backed up as it changes, 24 hours a day or you can designate specific transfer times. Electronic vaulting is less expensive that traditional tape or disc back up.

Off-site electronic data protection is another service offered by Records Management Center. Electronic vaulting is the process of managing your back up data online. No swapping discs, no transporting tapes to and from your site, and no managing equipment. Because the data is stored off-site and updated automatically, your company’s information is always monitored and kept secure in our electronic vault.

Does it meet all the new government regulations?

Yes! Robust security of electronic vaulting fits well with the requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Graham-Leach-Bliley and even SEC/NASD. The electronic data is secure with limited access to guard against unauthorized uses of information. All iterations of the data can be accessed and data integrity is maintained in a non-erasable, non-rewriteable format.

Why is electronic vaulting better?

  • No tapes, discs or back up hardware is needed
  • Data is available 24/7 regardless of your location
  • Data integrity is monitored to prevent corruption
  • Streamlines recovery process and reduces down time during recovery
  • Enhanced security and reliability – even during a catastrophe such as fire, flood or tornado
  • Less expensive than tape back up

To learn more about electronic vaulting ask a Records Management Center team member (706) 724-7982