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Barcode Tracking

When a warehouse hold tens of thousands of boxes and hundreds of thousands of files and tapes there must be a way to find them. In the past, before barcoding companies used paper and pencil and a lot man hours to shelve and locate records. Today, technology has replaced the numerous man hours. The sophisticated barcode tracking system we use makes it easy to find your records.

At Records Management Center each item receives a unique barcode. Each file that is barcoded has the barcode assigned to a box barcode. Each shelf position has a barcode also. When we place the box on the shelf we scan both barcodes, telling our inventory system exactly where that file and box are located.

But if my files are not bar-coded how do you find them?

When your files are not indexed, you generally have some idea as to what is in the box by the box description. If you need the AT&T bill from February 2002, you know it’s in the box indexed as “2002 01to 03 A/P Utilities.” Our system will direct us to the box’s location. The file is retrieved and barcoded. We replace the file with an out card that states who retrieved the file and when. If the box is retrieved before the file is returned, the box requestor knows the file is retrieved, not missing.

When a file is returned to storage we scan the file barcode. Our inventory software system tells us where to replace the file. The file is scanned into its original box and the chain-of-custody tracking history is maintained.

The Records Management Center system manages full chain of custody tracking making you compliant to many government and industry requirements. We maintain the history of each time an item is scanned. Date and time stamp is saved each time a scan is performed. Managing the history and activity of every item added to our record storage facility enables Records Management Center to offer you one more reason why Records Management Center is the best choice for your records storage and management.