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5 Steps for Reducing Paper Waste

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, for every million dollars a company makes, it generates an average of 7.8 tons of waste, 40% of which is paper waste. So, how can you alter your organization’s paper consumption for better profitability? Here are five steps to follow:

1. Purge

Start at ground zero by addressing the paper waste that’s built up over time. A professional shredding and destruction service helps you jump start your purge in a secure and efficient manner. Screened shredding specialists collects your expired records and, based on your preference, either shreds your documents on-site while you watch or transports them to a shredding plant for secure destruction. All shredded material should then be securely recycled.

2. Outsource Your Shredding

Paper dependency hurts your productivity. Removing paperclips from your files and hand-feeding them through your shredder is time-consuming and takes away from other important tasks. Alternately, an outsourced shredding solution helps you stay efficient. Your provider places locked collection containers in your office, allowing documents and whole files to be quickly dropped through the slot without the need to remove staples, paperclips or even folders. On a regular schedule, a shredding technician with a state-of-the-art mobile shredding truck visits your business and shreds the contents of the secure containers while you watch, or securely transports your documents to their off-site shredding plant for destruction.

3. Stop Printing and Copying

Ask yourself: Do you really need a hard copy of that digital file? Is it necessary to make another copy of that document? Paper waste reduction starts at your printer and copier. You can reduce your paper consumption significantly just by viewing, proofreading, sharing and sending documents digitally.

4. Digitize Your Active Files

Converting your active paper files into digital images is one of the most effective ways to reduce paper waste. With a professional scanning and imaging service, your documents and their contents are indexed for  your specific workflow requirements and stored online so they can be reviewed and distributed by authorized users in your company anywhere, anytime.

5. Have a Plan for the Paper You Use

You can’t avoid paper completely, but you can follow a plan for the paper you use. Set your printer and copier defaults to two-sided output, recycle cardboard and paper packaging, and partner with a shredding provider who recycles shredded documents.

Paper waste reduction doesn’t just protect the environment; it also helps your business stay profitable.

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