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5 Benefits of a Paperless Office

 You probably know someone who has digitized their office, and it’s likely they’re more productive and less stressed because of it. You can achieve the same. In this blog, we discuss several benefits of going paperless.

1. Streamlined Access to Information

Remember the last time you needed an important file and had to stop what you were doing to find it? A paperless office makes finding information faster so you have more time to focus on your business. Instead of sifting through file cabinets or boxes to find invoices or contracts, your information is stored in an online image repository. You have access to every document you need right from your computer or laptop.

2. Improved Records Retention

Record retention schedules specify how long to keep documents. Going paperless helps you manage your record retention inventory efficiently. After documents are scanned and added to an online image repository, automatic retention rules and notifications are applied, taking the guesswork out of knowing how long to store records and when to dispose of them.

3. Enhanced Data Security

Paper-based filing systems increase your data breach exposure. If file cabinets are unlocked or your employees don’t follow proper security protocols, it can compromise sensitive information.

Going paperless prevents confidential information from being exposed. After your corporate documents are imaged, they’re hosted in a secure online repository. Image transfers are executed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology that meets the standards of many state and federal regulations, including HIPAA, FACTA, Graham-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley. A tracking system allows you to see who is accessing documents and when.

4. Clutter Reduction

As your business grows, your file storage requirements expand. Finding enough room to store everything can be challenging. Going paperless helps you reclaim costly office space so it can be used to generate revenue for your business instead of storing dusty documents.

5. A Lower Carbon Footprint

Businesses consume vast amounts of paper. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, for every million dollars a company makes, it generates an average of 7.8 tons of waste, 40% of which is paper waste. Plus, increased paper production contributes to more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Going paperless helps your business reduce its carbon footprint. Besides decreasing the volume of paper waste your business produces, going paperless reduces the resources consumed printing, copying, and mailing documents. With a professional document imaging solution, your hard copy records are scanned, indexed, and stored in the cloud so you can access, print, and share them digitally.

The transformative effects of going paperless are undeniable. To learn more about converting your paper documents to digital files, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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