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4 Ways to Squeeze the Most Value from Your Shredding and Destruction Service

Outsourcing the destruction of your information saves you time and money, reduces legal liability, and ensures the privacy of your business records and data. But not all shredding and destruction providers offer the highest level of service and value. Here are four tips to ensure you get the most value out of your shredding and destruction service:

1. Take Advantage of a One-Time Purge

A shredding and destruction service offers the most secure solution for ensuring your confidential documents are destroyed promptly and beyond recognition. And whether you’re cleaning up your file room or moving your office to another location, it also offers an efficient and easy process for destroying a large volume of paper records all at once.

A one-time purge service lets you securely dispose of expired documents and files taking up space in your office. Your shredding and destruction provider gives you large, portable, locking containers that let you easily dispose of your records. They’re picked up after their filled and all material is destroyed. If you don’t have time to fill your containers, your destruction provider will even empty your file cabinets or shelves into the containers for you!

2. Verify Container Costs

A professional shredding and destruction service uses collection containers for the secure collection of your confidential paperwork. Unfortunately, some providers charge for the use of their containers. To save money on your shredding and destruction costs, look for a provider that offers free container placement.

3. Confirm Recycling of Your Shredded Material

Reducing paper waste saves your business money and helps the environment. But if your paperwork lands in a recycling bin without being destroyed, you’re putting the confidentiality of that information at grave risk. And if your shredding provider cuts corners by sending your confidential documents straight to a recycling partner without destroying them first, your information has been compromised. The right shredding provider destroys your information before it’s sent to an authorized paper recycler.

4. While You’re at It, Destroy Your Hard Drives and Media Too

Some shredding and destruction companies just destroy paper records, so if you have digital media that needs to be destroyed, you have to look for another vendor. To prevent this from happening, look for a shredding and destruction provider that can destroy your hard drives, compact discs and LTO tapes as easily and securely as they shred your documents. Having a sole provider for all of your information disposal needs will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Use the four tips we’ve provided here to get the utmost value out of your shredding and destruction service.

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