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4 Reasons Document Storage Still Matters

The blossoming of the Information Age does not mean every company is abandoning paper records. Hard copy documents still play an important role in many businesses. In this blog, we discuss why document storage still matters.

1. Office Space is Expensive

When you are leasing an office, maximizing every square foot of floor space is important. A document storage service eliminates the need to fill your valuable square footage with inactive documents and files. For a low monthly fee, your documents are stored in a secure, climate-controlled records center.

2. Business Fraud Rates are Increasing

Cyberattack is not the only risk to your business information. Criminals still use low-tech strategies to access confidential data. If your guard is not up, sensitive documents could land in the wrong hands. A secure document storage solution helps protect your customers, patients, and employees from identity theft. A records center offers a multi-layered security solution. State-of-the-art gates, access-controlled doors, alarm systems, and motion sensors protect your documents from unauthorized access. In addition, only security-screened personnel with card key access can enter the records center.

3. Climate Change is Real

As the planet’s climate changes, natural disasters are becoming more frequent and intense. A climate-related disaster can destroy legacy, historical, and archival records. That is why having a document protection strategy is critical. A records center is made of concrete, brick, and steel. Advanced fire protection, flood prevention, and climate control systems protect your documents from fire, flood, and natural disasters.

4. Documents Must Be Managed

Paper documents must be managed in the same way as digital records. When a document is created, it should be assigned a retention period and tracked throughout its lifecycle. Outsourcing document management helps you re-focus on your chief strengths.

A records storage provider barcodes your active files and stores them on high-density racking systems in a records center. Each file is barcoded and tracked within a sophisticated inventory management system. A secure web portal allows you to search for and access your files around the clock. You can have your inactive files hand-delivered to your office or digitally sent to your device with your records storage provider’s Scan on Demand solution.

As you can see, paper documents are here to stay, and document storage is still important.

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