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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Information Security and Recovery Capabilities in 2016

If records and data breach trends continue to rise, 2016 will be a record year. Fortunately, there are easily-applied solutions for protecting your business information. Here are three ways to upgrade your information security and recovery capabilities in 2016:

1. Store Your Vital Business Documents Offsite

Every business has vital business documents that must be kept permanently. They may include:

  • Operational documents
  • Client files
  • Intellectual property
  • Legal documents
  • Contracts and agreements

High-value business records, as well as any document critical to the operation of your business, should always be stored offsite in a facility where they are protected from floods, fires and natural disasters.

A commercial records center offers the most secure storage option available for vital business documents. The robust concrete block, brick and steel construction protects client records from natural and man-made disasters. The facility’s security system features:

  • Card key only access
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • Motion sensors
  • State-of-the-art alarm technology

Barcode technology tracks your vital documents during storage and ensures they can be quickly retrieved and delivered at a moment’s notice.

2. Digitize Your Most Active Files

Like your vital business documents, your active paper files are also susceptible to damage and destruction. Digitizing your active files protects them from disaster without hindering your access to vital business information. A professional document scanning service ensures your files are digitized with utmost attention to detail. Look for a scanning partner that offers a turnkey imaging service that includes a secure solution for securely storing and managing your digital files.

3. Invest in Professional Data Protection

While data loss is impossible to predict, you can decrease the risk of your digital information being stolen, accidentally deleted, or destroyed by a disaster. Whether you currently save your data to tape or need a fully-managed backup strategy without having to buy expensive hardware or software, a professional data protection service enables your data to be professionally safeguarded and managed.

Offsite computer backup rotation and media storage enables your backup tapes to be picked up from your office and securely transported via a climate-controlled, GPS-tracked vehicle to a media storage vault for long-term protection and preservation. Pickups are coordinated with your backup schedule to keep your valuable business data safe from fires, floods and natural disasters.

If you’re just getting started with a backup solution for your business or perhaps lack a solid IT infrastructure, use a data protection partner who can offer an electronic vaulting solution. Your data is automatically backed up for you without having to invest in added hardware and software and is guaranteed to be available whenever you need it to be.

Use the three strategies we’ve offered here to keep your business information safe and secure in 2016.

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