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Archive for August 2016

A Quick Guide to Protecting Your Customers’ Privacy

While you have a need to collect individuals’ private information in order to do business, it’s also your ethical and legal responsibility to safeguard that information. Use this quick guide as a resource for protecting your customers’ privacy. Post a Privacy Policy Your company should have a privacy policy that tells your customers the following…

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Ways to Reduce Paper Waste in Your Business

Did you know that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year? That’s just one of many shocking paper-waste facts cited by The Paperless Project. Paper waste has a measurable impact on business profit, productivity and the health of our planet. Here are several ways to reduce paper waste in your…

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Tips for Protecting and Managing Your Backup Media Assets

You may feel confident that your data is properly backed up. But do you know if it’s fully protected and can be recovered at a moment’s notice? Here are several tips for protecting and managing your backup media assets. Prioritize Long Term Preservation Routine data backup helps you recover lost information but it doesn’t offer…

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Outsourcing Your Shredding Makes Smart Business Sense

If you’re tired of fussing with an unreliable and time-consuming paper shredding machine, you may consider investing in a professional shredding and destruction service. It could be the wisest business decision you ever make. Outsourcing your shredding makes smart business sense on so many levels. Here’s how: Privacy Protection Safeguarding your customers and employees personal…

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3 Sad but True Identity Theft Stories

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 19 people become victims of identity theft each minute. Identity theft is becoming such a common occurrence that there’s a risk of becoming numb to it. But when you read these three sad but true stories, you realize that protecting your identity has to be a top priority.…

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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Shredding and Destruction Provider

A shredding and destruction service benefits your business in many ways. Unfortunately, not all shredding and destruction companies are the same. Before you hire a provider to destroy your confidential documents and files, ask these five important questions. 1. How does the shredding process work? Outsourced document destruction saves you time and money, but only…

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3 Ways to Green Your Office with Records and Information Management

A strong records and information management program helps your business lower costs, reduce the risk of a data breach, and improve profitability. It can also encourage sustainable business practices that benefit your company and the environment. Here are three ways records and information management can green your office. 1. Storing Your Paper Off-Site The first…

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7 Serious Impacts of Data Loss on Your Business

From large corporations to mom-and-pop shops, every business is susceptible to data loss. Unexpected loss of information has a number of financial, legal and other intangible consequences for your company. Here are seven of the most serious impacts data loss has on your business. 1. Lost productivity Efficient access to data is essential for business…

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